The Funnel #7 – Fall 2019

by iladmin

Internally ready for open innovation?

Fall 2019 Issue



Innovation for a better world



a brazilian journey


Innovation book club scaling lean

by Ash Maurya


To err is human.. but who is responsible for machine-made decisions?


Innovation at El-Al building an inherent ability to digest innovation opportunities


Innovation as an ongoing practice at SuperPharm


Jaguar Land Rover

corporate startup studio


Ayalon insurance

taking the innovation leap


The right way


The pre-contractual stage of technology transaction

Dear reader,

Autumn is the season when nature renews itself, discarding the old and preparing to create the new which appears in the springtime. It is autumn now in the Northern hemisphere and this issue of The Funnel focuses on open innovation. The reason that open innovation is so essential to the long term success of organizations is that it opens the organization to new possibilities of change and growth, driven by technologies and concepts that were conceived and nurtured outside the organization. However, in order to be ready for growth in the springtime, organizations must be willing to prepare the infrastructure for this growth and shed certain outdated concepts just as autumn does before winter and spring.

In this issue, you will learn how open innovation impacts established corporations.

You will read what the CDO of a major airline has to say about how the ability to digest innovation internally is an essential tenet of long term innovation success. In this issue, the CDO of an insurance company discusses the need for innovation to be both top-down and bottom-up for such a skill to exist. We share the open innovation strategy of a major Israeli tech company which has enterprise customers at the center of its open innovation activities. In addition, we have a rare glimpse into the cutting-edge model that Jaguar uses for open innovation and a fresh perspective on the implications that new technologies may have on corporate responsibilities.

This issue of The Funnel is all about openness and renewal. We wish you an enjoyable read!

Ahi Gvirtsman, Chief Editor & Duco Global Partner

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