The Funnel #4 – Winter 2019

by iladmin

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Dear reader, The success of innovation managers is completely defendant on their ability to bring about behavioral change. Employees of corporations are used to doing their work a certain way and innovation challenges habits such as how they allocate their time, the skill sets they develop, how they make decisions and how they exert influence.

When done right, systematic innovation changes organizational culture one project at a time. For innovation projects to occur, we need to engage broad populations of contributors such as employees, customers, partners, and startups and change their perceptions and habits.

That is why the skills of changing behaviors of individuals and of large populations are so essential to the success of innovation managers. This issue of “The Funnel” focuses on the art and science of changing behaviors.

Change behaviors of individuals and you will change crowds. Utilize the right principles of crowd behavior and you will recruit the crowd itself as your partner in this effort. Change the right behavior and you set the foundation for the change you aspire to, which is having large numbers of contributors actively participating in innovation related activities.

As the new year approaches, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish you a happy 2019. May it be a year of innovation success, of great breakthroughs and of organizational transformation.

Ahi Gvirtsman, Chief Editor & Duco Global Partner

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